Apple 2018 MacBook Pro 15 in TB 2.6GHz 6-Core i7 32GB RAM 512GB RP560X 4GB

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This MacBook Pro is in very good overall condition with minimal signs of use, such as minor scratches, and light dents. The device has been well-maintained and functions perfectly, with no issues or defects aside from a slight discoloration on the display. The discoloration is only noticeable under certain lighting conditions and does not impact the overall functionality of the device in any way. Additionally, the outer protective glass of the screen has some minor chips these chips are not in the view side and is puerly a cosmetic issue. This MacBook Pro has been professionally refurbished and comes with a brand-new battery installed. The refurbishment process includes a thorough cleaning, testing, and any necessary repairs to ensure the device is in top working order. Despite these minor cosmetic imperfections, this MacBook Pro 15-inch still runs smoothly and efficiently and comes with original accessories including original charger, and Apple box (if it's available).