Apple 2019 MacBook Air 1.6GHz Dual-Core i5 16GB RAM 512GB SSD IUG617 - Very Good

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The overall cosmetic condition of this MacBook Air is superb, with only a minor flaw to note. At certain lighting levels, there is a pinhead-sized black dot visible on the screen. However, this does not affect the functionality or usability of the laptop in any way. It is important to emphasize that this dot is only noticeable under specific lighting conditions and does not hinder the overall viewing experience. The battery has been well cared for with either 116, 326, or 412 cycles! and retain excellent charge capacity. It comes with original accessories including a charger, and original Apple box (if it's available). The pictures represent all the units we have from the same grade, please refer to the pictures for a better understanding of the condition.