Apple 2019 MacBook Pro 16" 2.4GHz 8-Core i9 64GB RAM 2TB SSD RP5600M 8GB - Good

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Fully Functional 2019 MacBook Pro – Great Performance with Cosmetic Wear:
This MacBook Pro has accumulated some noticeable cosmetic wear and tear. The most noticeable issue is a broken bezel that affects its appearance. Additionally, you'll find some hard dents on the casing. Most notably, there are chips on the screen that are not visible when the display is on. These cosmetic imperfections are primarily on the exterior and don't compromise the laptop's overall functionality. With 584 battery cycles, you can expect reliable performance without any significant battery issues. The MacBook Pro's performance and functionality remain fully intact. It operates smoothly, handles everyday tasks, and runs software and applications without any hiccups. The keyboard, trackpad, and all ports and connections work perfectly. It comes with original accessories, including a charger and an Apple box (if available). Please refer to the pictures for a better understanding of the condition.