Apple 2019 MacBook Pro 16 in TB 2.3GHz i9 32GB RAM 1TB SSD RP5500M 8GB - Very Good

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This MacBook Pro is in very good condition with minimal signs of wear Such As(Very Small Chips on Screen, Scratches), The MacBook's keyboard and trackpad are in perfect working order, and the display is bright and clear. The battery cycles on these units fall within the range of 292 cycles, ensuring that you receive a MacBook Pro with a well-maintained battery. Rest assured that regardless of the specific battery cycle count, each MacBook Pro has been thoroughly tested to ensure optimal battery health and performance. This MacBook Pro has been thoroughly tested and reset to factory settings, ensuring that it's ready for its new owner to use right out of the box. It comes with original accessories including a charger, and an Apple box (if it's available). The pictures represent all the units we have from the same grade, please refer to the pictures for a better understanding of the condition.