Apple 2020 MacBook Air 1.1GHz Quad-Core i3 16GB RAM 256GB SSD IIPG1536 - Good

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The 2020 MacBook Air offers both functionality and an honest history of use, with a few cosmetic imperfections that do not compromise its performance or capabilities. While the keyboard on this MacBook Air has developed a shiny appearance due to regular use, it's important to note that the shine doesn't affect its functionality. Additionally, there is some discoloration on the palm rest area. Furthermore, this MacBook Air may have a broken bezel, which is purely a cosmetic issue and will never affect the screen functionality in any way. It's worth mentioning that there are some light dents on the exterior and one hard corner dent! There are scratches on the exterior casing of the MacBook Air. Despite these blemishes, the MacBook Air is fully functional and ready to tackle tasks, projects, and entertainment needs with the same reliability you'd expect from this model. The battery has been well cared for, with only 549 cycles! And retains excellent charge capacity.