Apple 2020 MacBook Pro 13" M1 (8-Core GPU) 16GB RAM 512GB SSD AC+ - Good

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This 2020 MacBook Pro is a fully functional laptop. It can effortlessly handle everyday tasks, offering a smooth and responsive computing experience. In the interest of full transparency, it's important to mention some cosmetic issues that do not impact the laptop's performance. There is a minor concern with LCD bleeding, primarily confined to areas outside the main viewing portion of the screen. Additionally, you may notice slight discoloration on the edges of the device.  Furthermore, there are a few light dents present on the casing of the MacBook Pro. These cosmetic imperfections are primarily on the exterior and have no bearing on the laptop's operation. The battery has been well cared for with only 273 cycles! And retains excellent charge capacity. It comes with original accessories including a charger, and an Apple box (if available). it also comes with the added bonus of AppleCare+ until 8/6/2024. Please refer to the pictures for a better understanding of the condition.