Apple iPhone 12 GSM/CDMA Unlocked 128GB White/Blue A2172 - Very Good

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iPhone 12 devices for sale, which are in very good overall condition. While it may have some minor scratches and scuffs, it remains in great shape and functions flawlessly. The device has been well-maintained and continues to provide an excellent user experience. The scratches and dents are superficial and do not affect the device's functionality or performance in any way. the battery health of each iPhone 12 exceeds 86%, ensuring impressive battery performance and longevity. The iPhone 12 comes unlocked, allowing you the freedom to use it with any compatible network provider. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure all features, including the camera, display, speakers, and buttons, are fully functional and operational. It comes with original accessories including a charger, and an Apple box (if it's available).